Services we provide

  • Rebenefit Warehouses
    Rebeneficiamento Rebenefit

    Rebenefit Warehouses

    We are specialists in preparing coffee for export, using state-of-the-art equipment in the entire green coffee reprocessing process.

    We are equipped to receive and ship coffee in 60 kg bags, in bulk, or big/alpha bags, ensuring the total traceability of these lots during all stages of the procedure.

    We also offer the service of issuing Agricultural Warrants and preparing coffee for certification/delivery at B3.

  • REDEX terminals
    Rebeneficiamento Terminal

    REDEX terminals

    Our two units of REDEX Terminals are located in the Santos’s retroport zone and have a specialized structure and ample operational capacity.

    Here we also offer solutions for other products besides coffee: sugar, cotton, seeds in general, etc.

    Among the services of the main service of the units include the removal of empty containers from the receipt of loose cargo (bulk, big bags, sacks, bales) container stuffing (bulk, big bags, alpha bags, bales), cross-docking, pre-stacking, follow-up of phytosanitary and control of MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), issuance of cargo presence with SISCOMEX (Brazilian Integrated Foreign Trade System) and delivery to the port operator.


    We work with coffee in all units.



      The other products, meanwhile, are handled only at the REDEX I and II terminals.

    • Sugar Sugar
    • Copper ingot Copper ingot
    • Cotton Cotton
    • Palletized loads Palletized loads
    • Seeds in general Seeds in general
    • Boxes Boxes
  • Tóliman Transportes
    Tóliman Transportes Transport

    Tóliman Transportes

    Specialized in the logistics operation of commodities for export, Tóliman Transportes has a modern and up-to-date fleet, capable of meeting the requirements of our customers.

    We collect coffee from the original warehouses, which may be Dínamo Inter Agrícola units, the customers' own warehouses, or those of third parties.

    Most of the transportation is done to the Port of Santos, where we have a robust structure to complete the services if required.

    Our transportation allows us to take care of the products from the farm, or from their origin, to the port.

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